Company Profile

Trade Name: JAPAN JOB and VISA SERVICE Corporation

Head office: MBC building A5, 3-27- 5 Shiba Minato-ku Tokyo

Established: September,20,2017

Company Reg: 2010401133973


Our corporate mission is to help people deal with simple and complicated immigration, application and law procedures for our clients. Throughout our entire process we concentrate on providing our clients with an ease of mind.

Japan has complicated bureaucracy and administrative procedures, you enjoy your life while we handle the complicated stuff for you.


Our main office is in the heart of Minato. Our clients can meet us in our office or meet up with one of our staff members at a location of their choosing.

Staff and 24/7 support

Our staff is based both online and offline in order to provide an efficient 24/7 system. When a staff member is not available offline, we make sure you can speak to someone online for urgent support.

Yuka Hirano

Yuka Hirano is our president and she founded the company in 2017 along with 2 other staff members. This has grown to more than 10 as of July 2018.

Yuka was born in Japan and grew up in Utsonomiya, where she lived for many years, doing voluntary projects to help the community, until University

Yuka spent a large portion of her time overseas and has learnt the English language when she was in University. She is almost fluent in English and is fluent in Japanese.

She graduated from a highly respected University in Japan for law: Chuo University.  After years of studying Law and Immigration she graduated with a degree.

After finishing University she started her own business and has several staff members. Thereafter, for many years Yuka was handling immigration issues freelance, but in 2017 she finally decided to run her own legal practice to help foreigners with visa applications, job searching, and other general immigration support.

Yuka loves her job and is totally absorbed in it.