Company information regarding payment

We are Japan Job and Visa Service and we also help foreigners living abroad find jobs in Japan and get a work visa. Our visa company did hard work. For example, no Japanese companies will go abroad to hire foreigners to work in Japan. Our company found Japanese companies and made agreement with companies to hire foreigners living abroad (and also in Japan). We facilitated and arranged everything and must get reward for this.


So we charge 7000GBP (approx 9,138 USD) in exchange for our service, you will pay our agent in your country. This price is reduced to 5000GBP if a person in Japan will pay us directly in Japan. You pay only AFTER YOU GET "CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY/VISA". You can also become our agent if you wish, you can send foreigners to us and agree your own price with them like 8,000 GBP and pay us only 7,000GBP or 5,000 GBP (if you will pay from Japan).


Jobs available Worldwide for foreigners outside Japan:
#1 Vegetable cutting, production, packaging and processing job:
Although this job was posted by us on a Bangladesh job site. It is open to all people and countries. Details also posted below



Place of Employment   

Saitama, Japan (near Tokyo)

Job Context

See photos of work you will do and factory:

Summary: Production and processing vegetable and fruit in factory in Hidaka, Saitama e.g cutting carrots, putting into machine, packaging e.t.c

Job responsibilities

(1) Working time from 8:00 to 17:20

(2) Cutting vegetables

(3) Processing vegetables into machine

(4) Packaging vegetables.


Employment Status

Full time


Education requirements

Any University Degree (it is Japanese government rule for work visa, not company requirement)


Experience requirements

No experience required



Wage: Minimum wage of 8 USD an hour earning 195,000 yen a month (1750 USD).


Compensation and other benefits

(1) Free apartment and free lunch daily

(2) Rest period of 80 minutes daily. Details stipulated in Article (16~17 ), Article (20~24 ), of the Rules of Employment, Japanese Law

(3) 97 days off a year

(4) If you work for more than 6 months then you can get 10 days paid leave

(5) You can ask for a day off and substitute with another day. Stipulated in Article(29~38 )

(6) 60 hours or less overtime per month for extra money.

(7) Payday: 25th of every month

(8) Payment by Bank Transfer

(9) Wage raise every 25th July once a year if you performed well that year

(10) Bonus every July and December annually if you performed well that year

(11) Retirement allowance/pension

(12) Health insurance included

(13) After 3 months you can apply to bring your wife and child

(14) If you stay in Japan for 10 years you can get a permanent residency card.


Job location

Saitama, Japan (near Tokyo)

Additional requirements

The process in Japan is like this:
(1)Send resume.
(2)Company will check and give job offer.
(3)We will apply for 1 year work visa which will be extended if you work, at same time you must enter Japanese language school in Bangladesh and learn basic level Japanese within 3 months.
(4)We will get a document called certificate of eligibility after 3 months and we will send photo of this. Then you will call embassy and VERIFY it.
If you apply for a visa directly: means they will investigate and make decision wether to issue visa
If you get certificate of eligibility: means they already finished investigation and decided your ELIGIBLE to get visa, just you need to pick up visa from embassy. So its like the same as a visa.
You can read same information here or ask embassy:
(5)After verifying, you will give 7000GBP (approx 9100 USD) payment to our agent in your country and we will give certificate of eligibility. Payment is reduced to 5000 GBP (75 ma'yen) if a relative or friend in Japan will pay us in Japan.
(6)The Japanese embassy will take certificate of eligibility, ask some questions in a short 2 minute interview and will tell you to collect your passport and visa 3 to 7 days later.

We wont give you certificate of eligibility until you provide payment. You can confirm with embassy that they will give you the visa if you give them certificate. This is the procedure of the Japanese government.

You can see our past successful clients here:

How to apply

If you agree with process and can manage to pay after getting certificate of eligibility/visa then:

(1) Send resume to and

(2) Also contact us on phone or what’s app or skype or line:

Bangladesh agent number: +880 1874310829 (24/7, 7 days a week and will call back)

Japan office number and WhatsApp: +81-03-6161-0888 (9am to 5pm Japan time)

Skype: immigrationwork3308

line: immigrationwork3308

*You can meet Bangladesh agent in Kushtia if you live in Bangladesh.

#2 Construction work outside:

In process, check back later