We can help anyone seeking to get hired by a company and change to a work visa with their hiring process. You must live in Japan to be eligible.

How it works:

1) You give us the company information
2) Our Japanese president will speak to the president of the company. Japanese trusts Japanese, she will explain the entire visa process clearly and everything which is required to help you get hired, including saying good things about you like "person is trustworthy and hard working". This will increase your chances of getting hired and for them to agree to help in changing visa, as Japanese trust Japanese.
3) We will then notify you if company agrees to hire you and also help you with visa.
4) If they wont help you or hire you then give us the information of another company and we will call for free anytime.

It is free because we want to make business relationships with companies which are hiring foreigners.

Make sure the company you will send us has already hired foreigners in the past and has less than 2000 employees.

You can send us information by booking a consultation, adding us on line or calling us. Contact information:
line: immigrationwork3308