What we offer

Please contact us by using the inquiry form if you want more information or want to use our service.

We offer the following services:

1. Free face to face and online consultations (including out of office hours)

2. 24/7 question and answer via live chat, email, skype of line during out of office hours (dedicated service for clients, if your not a client, we can answer general queries 24/7)

3. Training for job applicants and instruction of Interview

4. Support of finding employment for job applicants

5. Advice related to Visa for job applicants

6. Agent of real estate lease for job applicants

7. Training and consultant for companies

8. Import of sundries,clothes and healthy foods

9. Management of restaurants

10. Support of marriage and management for foreigners

11. Travel agent for foreigners



We will determine your needs and requirements via a consultation by call, live chat, face to face or email exchange.

After the consultation, we will let you know if you are suitable for our service and if we will take you on as a client. You will be given the price and all other relevant information.

We also offer general pricing information in advance. To schedule a consultation on skype, line, viber, phone or face to face (or to email us). Please contact us using this form.

Our promise

So far we have helped hundreds of people successfully obtain or renew their Japanese Visas and helped hundreds of others with general immigration help or help to find a job. We promise to do the same for you and all of our clients.We are licensed and registered by the Japanese government to consult, advise and assist the public with all immigration and visa related issues. We promise to strive to give you the best possible advice on your visa and immigration status as well as your residency status in Japan. 

We will notify you what is the most appropriate course of action for your personal or family case. We promise to adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards. We have a fair and excellent pricing and refund policy. If we can not deliver then why should you pay?